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"I started getting Nutritional help from Catherine well over a year ago.  Nutrition is a major part of my life and more so as I continue to train at a rather intense level. Fitness is my business and not a hobby. I don't have the time or desire to experiment with what might be best for me when I can go to Catherine and KNOW what is best for me. I feel great all the time, workout at an intense level, while meeting and exceeding the demands of my work. Catherine has helped me maintain a level of health that I wish others could experience and it can happen quickly if they just let people like Catherine work with them on developing the right nutrition program that is customized to their lifestyle."

Bill Urban-Founder, Workout Bandits, Inc.

Andover, MN

"I started seeing Catherine in March of 2014. At a young age I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and struggled with the side effects my whole life. Having PCOS meant that I struggled with my weight and ability to maintain a normal cycle. It also meant that getting pregnant would be very difficult for me. My husband and I had been trying for two years with no luck. I worked intensively with Catherine for six months and at the end of August 2014 I found myself pregnant! I continued to see Catherine throughout my entire pregnancy and on April 30, 2015 we welcomed our daughter Millie into the world, all 8 lbs. 10 oz. I continue to see Catherine to maintain my health. I firmly believe had I not followed the program Catherine laid out for me, I would not be a parent today. I could never thank her enough!"

Angela F.  Andover, MN

"Catherine helped my infant son overcome symptoms of eczema during the winter of 2015. My son, now 14 months old, continues to see Catherine every other month for overall general care. Catherine is very professional and has listened to our concerns during every session. I highly recommend her for Nutrition Response Testing."

Trista K  Rush City, MN

"I started the program with Catherine in September 2015. Over the last 5 years my body refused to digest certain types of food leaving me in enormous amount of stomach pain. My immune system had also been torn down to nothing. I caught every bug and got it 10 times worse than everyone else.  I would get up in the morning and accomplish as much as I could in 4 hours, knowing that my body would be so exhausted by 10 am that I would spend most of the rest of the day in bed.

Since starting the program I do not have to nap! I have all the energy I need to complete each day. I have been able to eat foods that I had previously cut out of my diet. I have learned not just what to eat, but how to eat so that my body uses the nutrients I've given it when and how it is needed most. My immune system is still fighting back. Over the years it was just so torn down that I think it will take a while to completely recover, but I do see improvement and I'm ready for complete immune health."

Elaine S. Brooklyn park, MN

"Working with Nutrition Response Testing has been amazing! I was experiencing symptoms that were very concerning and the medical test done did not reveal a diagnosis. After additional blood work it was determined, by my Physician, that my thyroid was not working properly. In just a few weeks of working with Catherine and taking the recommended supplements I feel so much better! I have more enegy and am more positive than I thought possible. I am so grateful!"

Pam B. Anoka, MN

"I had lower abdominal pain for three years. I saw several medical doctors and had a diagnostic surgery which yielded no results. I was eventually diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. They wanted to put me on medication with negative side effects. Each morning I woke up and felt terrible.

My daughter who was 5 years old at the time, had chronic issues with croup, constipation, and seasonal allergies.

Both my daughter and I began nutrition with Catherine in January of 2014. After making changes in our diet and taking the proper supplements, I no longer have any abdominal pain or bowel issues. I wake up each morning and feel like I can conquer the world! I am a better mother, get better sleep and perform my job better every day because I am healthy. My daughter hasn't gotten croup since she began, her bowel movements are healthy and normal, her allergy symptoms are less and less all the time.

I cannot stress to people enough how important and effective nutrition Response Testing is. None of us lives in the same body with the same problems. We all need to have our individual nutritional needs met. Catherine can do this for you. She's done it for us!"

Osmunda W. Andover, MN

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