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Personal infrared Sauna

Major Positive side effects of continuous infrared sauna use

  • Total Detox

  • Boosted immune system

  • Reduced inflammation

  • improved circulation

  • increased Metabolism

What Makes this Sauna Different?

  • Stress Relief - Move from fight or flight mode to rest, digest and relaxation mode

  • Gut Level Health - Near infrared seat heater for gut level health

  • Unlimited Sauna Time - Head and heart out of the heat by design means unlimited sauna time

  • Economical & Space-Saving - The perfect fit for any home or office

  • Greater Infrared Penetration - Closer proximity to six heat sources is more thorough penetration

  • Fully Clothed, No sweat Option - With a 90-170 degree range you can either choose the traditional sweat method or our recommended clothes on, no sweat option

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